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Business Enthronement?

A Business Enthronement has generated many blessings for small, medium, and very large businesses alike. By Enthroning Christ as Head of an establishment, the business publicly recognizes Him and His rights to intervene in their personal lives and in all their dealings in the business world.

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Business Enthronement Testimonial

Dear David and Derick,

Derick, Dan, Julie and I very much appreciate your introducing the Enthronement ceremony to APT. The procedure conducted by you and David was interesting and informative; we were blessed. David thank you for the clarity in your explanation and the ceremony brought Jesus in a real and overt way into all daily activities of our business. Our commitment of reinforcing our covenant made April 27th with Jesus to consciously and openly conduct all of our decisions and actions at APT by placing them in His hands began after you left. It is easy to commit to do something good when it is fresh on our minds, but to do it every day requires daily grace and blessings from God. Again, we have been blessed. It has been two weeks and we proudly report that we have consciously attempted to include Jesus in our daily discussions, and the tough things are much easier when turned over to Him. Best wishes in your spreading His good works.

J. James Caton, Chairman
44600 Merrill Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48310

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