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Family Peace

Children fighting can be stressful to parents, pets, and younger children. No one likes to hear children fighting and even worse, trying to hurt one another. Finding peace is possible using some patience and parenting skills. Come together as a family by parking the electronics in another room. Agree that no shouting or angry words will be spoken in this room during this time. Separate fighting children if need be.

Begin with the opening prayers of the Home Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that we will mail to you free of charge (click the link below). Give the reading assignments to the fighting children first, as this will calm them.

When it comes to the Holy Rosary, have the oldest child lead the first decade. Before saying the first decade, the oldest should offer a prayer intention for a sibling. The rule is that the intention should be kind, loving, and age-appropriate. Parents should set the ground rules that love and kindness be combined with forgiveness.

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Have Patience

Don’t expect much from the first few meetings, but do expect to see some progress after some time passes. You should try every two or three days to get a routine going. One family of three teen girls had a middle child who was a perfect instigator and could get everyone yelling at everyone, including parents. When the youngest one offered her intention that the middle one stop trying to get everyone to fight, the middle child yelled foul to the parents, but the parents sided with the younger one. After one week, the middle child was changing her behavior. There was a noticeable change due to the family calling out the problem.

You will need to do the prayers in the free Home Enthronement kit as they set the stage and welcome the Holy Spirit into the family setting. When you really try to make this work is when you will really see the changes.

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