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Family Prayer

Today’s families are on the move in multiple directions more than ever before. Finding the time in a busy day to have the whole family come together in prayer seems a daunting task. The families that commit to pray together usually must make some hard decisions on what gets carved out of a daily schedule to make prayer a reality.

Young children delight in preforming for parents and adults. When saying the Holy Rosary, let them lead the Holy Rosary and watch how they love to stay in center stage.

Young families can have family time together with toddlers helping to pray the Holy Rosary. Parents can use this time to show the toddler how to hold the rosary and how to say the prayers of the Holy Rosary. Make this a fun family event with enough goofing around time to make the toddler look forward to the next prayer time.

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Set The Stage

Elementary school children get exposed to many disturbing events at school. Many are not equipped to talk about it without some prompting. Family prayer time is ideal at setting the stage for children to open up to Jesus and His Mother about what is bothering them. We heard a 1st grade girl break down and cry because her friend’s parents were getting a divorce, and her friend was frightened about what would happen to her. This gave the parents time to calm and put at ease their child. Another example is a 10-year-old boy whose grades and behavior at school were slipping because he thought his parents were fighting about him when in fact, they were over their heads in a do it yourself project at home. Prayer provides a vehicle for children to talk to God.

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Put Forth The Effort

Pre-teens and teens may require more effort. Time is the currency of Satan, and he robs parents of time with their older children by keeping the children very busy with after school practice or events. The smartphone is also the best friend of these older children.

Some moms require an electronic free 30 minutes a day in a dark room to have the family gather and pray. After the 1st Decade of the Holy Rosary, the mom or dad states a personal intention for one of the children. Each member of the family also follows with a particular intention for themselves or a friend at school. This is repeated on the 2nd through 5th Decade. Each family member is prayed for by the end of the 30 minutes. You may find this goes longer as teens tell what is bothering them or their friends.

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