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How We Can Help Parish Pastors

We know there are parishioners who desire to offer more to their community. The Men of the Sacred Hearts is actively recruiting new members to serve the local neighborhoods with home Enthronement to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. With this lay effort operating with the approval of the Pastor, the parishioners who are seeking a closer relationship with God can reach out to their neighbors to set an appointment. Friends then talk to friends, and soon the parish community has committed to pray together as a family on a daily basis. They also meet fellow parishioners in evangelizing those who may have lost their way.

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Scheduling and administration of Holy Hours and Feast Days:

An active Catholic community is one where parishioners are able to partake in our faith’s time honored traditions. These events do not materialize by themselves. The Men of the Sacred Hearts is able to plan and staff these events.

Sponsor First Fridays:

As part of the Men of the Sacred Hearts primary mission, it is our privilege to lend our assistance to parishes to celebrate First Friday Devotions. Our members will serve as altar servers, lectors, greeters, and ushers.

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