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Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory prayer is the act of praying for another person. Those who put their hearts into praying for another person can feel the blessing of the Holy Spirit come upon them. It is like you are being thanked for your efforts.

When you witness siblings, who are ready to make a change from the bickering and fighting with each other and begin to pray for positive changes in their behavior as well as the sibling’s action, there will be a noticeable change. 

Someone once said, “all prayers are heard.” God responds with a “yes” or a “no” and sometimes with a “not now.”

Have you ever been prayed for by friends or even strangers? There is a powerful feeling within you that something is happening. There is a powerful feeling within you that something divine is happening, and that you are being embraced by the Holy Spirit”. If you feel that love and comfort, then you’re receptive to the prayers. 

Pay it forward! This means that you take the initiative and pray for someone who needs prayers.

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Pray & Receive Peace

Praying for someone who is trying to hurt you is the best way for you to experience peace. There is a true story about a boss who was trying to get a new junior executive to resign by being cruel to him. The junior man began praying for the boss with intensity, and the boss not only backed off the rough treatment, he actually became friendly to the junior man. Now the junior man never told the boss he was praying for him, but yet the changes happened.

Families that have used this form of prayer for each other find that true love and goodwill flow from each member to one another. It must be heartfelt; there is no fooling Blessed Mother or Her Son.

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