There may have been a time when you looked around you, and saw that some people looked like they were at total peace with the world. Maybe it was at a coffee shop, the market or some big box store; but the faces were not tense, not angry at the long check out line, and not behind a schedule that someone imposed onto them.

Maybe you took a few minutes to reflect about why that was. Maybe you thought about why you were constantly behind schedule, hurrying and rushing to stay on time. Maybe you just need a break.

We allow ourselves to become the slave of the clock. I know someone who runs late, almost always. This is a simple act of not setting a time to finish one task before preparing and traveling to the appointment. For example, being late for Holy Mass is not good form. But telling yourself that the second cup of coffee will make you late gets put to the side as you think you are enjoying that second cup. Decision made.

Racing on the road to keep on time is not only dangerous for you, but for others as well. And lets not forget the number of times we have seen the “I’m late!” person racing down the freeway while texting or emailing at the same time. Double Trouble.

Another Satan trick is to have you overschedule yourself so that you are always trying to catch up. I have a close friend who can not say no to anyone or thing asked of him. He actually got sick (worked himself into exhaustion) and had another friend take charge of his calendar. While my friend wants to still help everyone, he now agreed to clear it with his Administrative Assistant, who is very protective of the time my friend has to himself to pray.

Praying the Holy Rosary is the best way to slow down and come to a peaceful place in your day. It’s almost like a nap, you come out of the 20 minutes of recitation of the Holy Rosary feeling refreshed. While you are refreshed you have the new strength to review what needs to be done next. Not what should be done, not what someone else wants you to do, but what you feel is necessary.

While you are praying the Holy Rosary, talk to Blessed Mother about helping you slow down and enjoy the life and liberty that God gave to you and I. No one has a gun to your head telling you that you must answer all the Facebook friends that shout out to you, or provide a witty response for a tweet.

Peace truly comes from Prayer. We know. We have shown thousands of individuals and families how to do this seemingly impossible task for over 55 years. Once you carve out a half hour a day for you and your family to pray together, you will make that the first priority for the day. You know your onto something when the teens ask “when is the next prayer time?”


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