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Our mission is to help you Enthrone Jesus’s Sacred Heart in your home, business, or school. 

Why? Because Jesus told St. Margaret Mary, in 1673, that He would bless the homes where His image is exposed and honored. People have told us that there is a noticeable change in the family members when Jesus is seated in a place of honor in your home. 

Enthronement means to assign supreme virtue or value or to seat ceremonially on a throne. Our program helps you to accomplish this with a ceremony fitting for Jesus, our Lord, and Savior. 

Our apostolate, The Men of the Sacred Hearts has been helping families make Jesus the King of their home, business, or school for over 55 years in the S.E. Michigan area, but we serve anyone anywhere. 

We offer two programs; 

  1. Our traditional two visit program where we have our trained volunteers arrive at your home at the appointed time with our signature 3ft tall statue of Our Lady of Fatima (pictured above).
  2.  Our team makes an appointment with you for the first visit (Preparation Ceremony) and the second visit (Enthronement Ceremony). The statue of Our Lady stays with your family for a week or more to help you focus your prayers to Jesus. Each ceremony takes about one hour and includes a complete Holy Rosary and we supply all materials including ceremony books that are yours to keep. We also supply a beautiful framed color and blessed image of Jesus for you to Enthrone in your home.
  3. The Self Enthronement Kit includes all the materials you need to Enthrone Jesus in your home without having our team members visit you. There is no appointment, and you simply follow the self-directed process to Enthrone Jesus in your home. This also works well for dorm rooms. This program also has the Holy Rosary and prayers in the ceremony book. 

Both programs are free, but we do ask for a donation to cover the costs of the image of Jesus that is our gift for you.  

One of the benefits of either program is the dialog with Jesus that happens with your family using Intercessory Prayer. This is a type of prayer where you pray for another family member by name and intention. For example, one middle school child in a home with three teen girls prayed that her sister stops instigating arguments between the other sisters. The instigator turned to her mother and asked if the mother was going to let her get away with that, to which to mother said yes, and that it was true. When the team returned two weeks later, the same sister who prayed for the instigator to stop now said a prayer of thanks that the instigator was now a nicer sister.

What will your family conversion story be? 

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Home Enthronement

A Home Enthronement occurs when the family invites the Sacred Heart of Jesus to become the head of their household.

Business Enthronement

A Business Enthronement has generated many blessings for small, medium, and large businesses alike.

School Enthronement

A School Enthronement places Jesus as the leader of the school administrators, faculty, staff, and students.

Men of the Sacred Hearts

Take a moment to watch the video below to view scenes from a Home Enthronement to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and one family’s testimonial.

What is Enthronement?

Request Your Free Self Enthronement Kit

The Self Enthronement Kit is a self-directed program that is done without the Fatima Statue. You will be provided with a booklet that provides directions and prayers to guide you through the Enthronement procedure which can be done at your convenience. The Self Enthronement Kit will also include an image of the Sacred Heart that is suitable for framing.

To request your Self Enthronement Kit please fill out the form below.

Why Do We Use an Image with Both Jesus and the Blessed Mother?

When our founder Mr. John LoVasco began this ministry in 1964, he had problems getting people to sign up for a home enthronement. John spoke to Father Francis Larkin who was the assistant to Father Mateo, and Fr. Larkin told Mr. LoVasco to go find a 3ft tall statue of Our Lady of Fatima to bring to the homes, because where Blessed Mother went, Jesus would follow. John found a statue in a local Catholic bookstore who in fact owned the mold for what is now our 3ft tall Our Lady of Fatima statue. True to his word, when John offered to have Our Lady of Fatima visit the families requesting the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the requests flowed in. Today, we have over 40 statues being brought to homes by over 150 volunteers.

What it means to belong to the Men of the Sacred Hearts​

This video is a testimonial from the Men of the Sacred Hearts.

Request Your Free Home Enthronement Kit

Men of the Sacred Hearts

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